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What makes our coffee special?

By Erik Olsen, 2014-12-03 12:40

Our Diedrich Roaster
The sealed drum is heated by two infrared gas burners. The IR-12 burners use infrared, indirect heat to roast the beans in the drum. Most burners use an open flame known as an atmospheric burner. The infrared gas burners produce only 10% of the NOX gases and 75% of the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases that an atmospheric burner does. This clean "roasting" air from the infrared burners/sealed drum, is said to produce a better tasting product. This is cutting edge technology, and is also not found in any other coffee roaster on the market. We roast our coffee in batches between 1-25 lbs, and the finished product is amazing!

Our Bags
We use Stand Up Zip Pouches with degassing valves. They are over 5mm thick with a layer of foil. These bags let in zero light or oxygen (coffees biggest enemy). Immediately after it has cooled from roasting, we bag and seal the coffee into these bags. Once the roasting process is over, the beans will give off CO2 for quite a few days. This is where the valve plays a vital role. Since CO2 is heavier than oxygen, the “de-gassing” valve on them is used to relieve pressure but more importantly, purge out the majority of oxygen from the bag. This purging can prolong the freshness of the beans for 60-90 days with minimal degradation, if unopened.

The Coffee
We use only the finest sustainable, shade grown coffees. Sustainable coffee is grown under shade-tree canopies, usually in high elevations. Coffee grown in the shade takes longer to ripen which improves the flavor but lowers the yield. We're only interested in socially responsible coffee; and buy Fair-Trade, Rainforest-Alliance, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffees whenever possible. These certifications promote clean sustainable farming while preserving biodiversity and providing habitat for migratory birds and other animals. Not only does it improve quality of life for the animals, but the farmers and their families as well.

Quality Control
Attention to detail. We take lots of notes through the whole process. We cup/score all prospective coffees before buying them. We roast many different profiles after purchase, looking for the best way to make each selection shine. We use an app to track the temps and times while roasting. Tracking this data very closely can help a lot when it comes time to tweak a roast profile for a particular offering.