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Roaster Erik OlsenMy Name is Erik Olsen, I am a coffee roaster operating out of Hyde Park, VT. My interest for Coffee began when I working as a freelance web developer, which entailed long days and nights of detailed scripting and design work. It was then that I discovered my love affair with coffee. I searched the town for the best coffee I could find, and noticed that the flavors varied tremendously from shop to shop. I began roasting my own coffee and quickly realized that there was no comparison.

In 2007 I moved from Burlington to Hyde Park where I felt instantly at home in a community of locavores who had much the same lifestyles and interests as me. The mindset of living off the local land and utilizing the best, organic ingredients was refreshing, and a virtue that resonated with me. I love living in the heart of the green mountains; and I'm quite excited about sharing my freshly roasted coffees with the local community as well as online.

I own a mobile espresso van which travels around locally, supplying businesses and festivals with my micro brewed freshly roasted coffee, Barista’s Beans. My motto “we bring the gourmet coffee house to you” is a testament to my obsession with freshness and community. I hope to continue sharing my passion with the great state of Vermont and beyond, for many years to come.