Light vs Dark Roast


I've noticed selling coffee, that a lot of people are really into dark roasts... I wish it was easier to convince people that really good coffee is usually much better roasted light. Dark roasted coffee has that wonderful bold flavor, but its missing all the nuances from the particular origin the coffee came from. As the roast gets darker it tends to get more of a generic roast flavor which is great for hiding imperfections in not-so-great offerings; But if you take extra care to find the best offerings you can for your customers... It almost pains you to roast it dark for them. Even though that is what most of you want. Plus, lighter roasted coffees have a lot more caffeine in them! But hey, the customer is always right, so i try to always keep in stock a couple coffees that are good at a darker roast, like the Ugandan, Costa Rican, and Peruvian. However, the Colombian and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe are truly amazing at a medium light roast.

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