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We at Barista's Beans specialize in roasting-to-order, only the finest shade grown coffees. Sustainable coffee is grown under shade-tree canopies, usually in high elevations. Coffee grown in the shade takes longer to ripen which improves the flavor but lowers the yield. We buy Fair-Trade, Rainforest-Alliance, and Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffees whenever possible. These certifications promote clean sustainable farming while preserving biodiversity and providing habitat for migratory birds and other animals. Not only does it improve quality of life for the animals, but the farmers and their families as well.

The reasons why a valved bag is so important.

De-gassing valve

Two of the most common questions I am asked by customers is:

1.) How long does coffee stay fresh for?

2.) Whats the best way to store coffee to preserve freshness?

Well, freshness is entirely subjective really. What one person considers fresh, another might consider stale. Coffee doesn't go bad like Milk or Eggs. It does however get stale from oxygen,


Back in business

Lets see, Where do i begin? Its been quite a while since my last post. A lot has happened in the past 4 months. The most significant is our house fire. Some of you who were unaware of our fire, have probably been wondering why we were almost impossible to find on the store shelves until 2 or 3 weeks ago... So I am sorry I didn't make it more known, that we had suffered a fire.


Light vs Dark Roast

I've noticed selling coffee, that a lot of people are really into dark roasts... I wish it was easier to convince people that really good coffee is usually much better roasted light. Dark roasted coffee has that wonderful bold flavor, but its missing all the nuances from the particular origin the coffee came from. As the roast gets darker it tends to get more of a generic roast flavor which is great for hiding imperfections in not-so-great offerings; But if you take extra care to find the best offerings you can for your customers... It almost pains you to roast it dark for them.

Where to find our Coffees

Barista's Display

Applecheek Farm - Hyde Park, VT
Apple Tree Natural Foods - Morrisville, VT
Buffalo Mtn Coop - Hardwick, VT
Sunrise Cafe - Jeffersonville, VT
Healthy Living Market - South Burlington, VT
City Market - Burlington, VT
Sweet Clover - Essex, VT
Natural Provisions - Williston, VT
Shelburne Super Market - Shelburne, VT
Little Garden Market - Charlotte, VT
Sweet Pea - Waitsfield, VT
Natural Provisions - St Johnsbury, VT

Plum Cove Grind - Gloucester, MA
Sigrid Olsen Art - Gloucester, MA


just a quick note on shipping...

We changed our shipping charges. If you are in U.S.A. there is a flat rate of $4.65, or Free if your order is over $48!


Coffee Subscriptions

Treat yourself or someone special to a coffee subscription. Subscriptions make gift-giving easy and are a great way to sample our different varietals. Two one-pound packages of different coffees shipped each month. Subscriptions come with free shipping.

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